Dear Residents of LOHG,

We hope that everyone is starting to get back to normal after the onslaught of Harvey. Although the rains were historically incredible, LOHG seemed to fare very well.

So, you might be wondering why the Board has declared October as “Fence Freedom Month.” Well, you would get a good idea if you drove around the neighborhood one day and just kind of looked at some of the fences. As our neighborhood matures (a nice way of saying it is getting older), we are noticing that many fences are not looking their best. Frankly, the wood fences installed by the builders ten or more years ago are nearing the end of their lives. In fact, a great many of our neighbors have recently replaced their fences. But there are still starting to be more and more fences that have missing pickets, that are leaning over to a great extent or are just generally in need of some repair. And unfortunately, those ill-kept fences have really begun to reflect poorly on the neighborhood.

So, with the success of “Mildew Amnesty Month,” we wanted to do something similar for fences. Specifically, we are taking a one month pause from sending out deed restriction violation letters related to fences to give each of you time to walk your fence and replace any missing pickets (pickets are relatively cheap), and make any other repairs that might be needed. For example, you might need to reset some posts or otherwise straighten your fence. Or perhaps you need to re-stain your fence. And for those of you interested in replacing your fence, this will give you time to discuss it with your adjoining neighbors who hopefully will share in the cost, and then schedule to have the work done.

As we did before, we are happy to share with you recommendations from your neighbors of folks who install fences. The following two companies have recently installed a number of fences in the neighborhood:

Uplift Outdoors, (832) 928-9595
Rosales Fence Co., (832) 561-8838

There are also other listings in the new Lakes of Highland Glen website, And please feel free to offer other recommendations to your neighbors.

The Board hopes that our efforts with these Open Letters are helpful. We think that everyone’s goal is likely the same, and that is to maintain the high standards that our community has set over the years and which likely drew us here in the first place. And if you would like to give some input on our efforts related to maintaining these high standards, we plan to discuss the way the Board enforces deed restrictions during the next monthly meeting, and we welcome your involvement.

Enjoy the approaching cooler weather.

Lakes of Highland Glen HOA Board

Scott Brown
Cuong Tran
Sonny Tran
Arwen Jackson
Jibbie John