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AT&T Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Dear Residents,

We are aware of issues in our community regarding the work of AT&T’s contractor. Although the HOA board nor the management company were not notified in advance of the work, we did get reports from residents about some issues. Recognizing that work like this being done on a large scale should have a permit attached to it, Signature Management reached out to the City of Pearland about the matter. Also, I spoke with Eric Hammond (Right of Way Superintendent, City of Pearland Public Works) about a few issues. He is aware of one specific matter from a resident and that is being worked between the City of Pearland, AT&T’s Leadership Team and the affected resident. The other issues they are looking into are the equipment being located at Peonies CT and some ruts being left behind one our lake’s edge.

Here are a few takeaways from our conversation:

1) If you have been directly affected by AT&T contractors with damage and you are not getting anywhere with their point of contacts, please email Eric Hammond at Please include your NAME, Phone Number for contact, and description of issues. Any photographs attached to the email will go a long way in helping Eric and his team understand your situation. If you wish, you can also CC the LOHG HOA board on your email ().

2) The City of Pearland will monitor the work being done at Peonies CT. For those who live there, if you have any problems with them (i.e. equipment blocking driveway) Please reach out to the City of Pearland Code Enforcement Complaint Line at 281.652.1766. You can also follow up with them via and CC Eric Hammond at Again, photographs of the issue will go a long way and you can also CC the LOHG HOA Board on your email ().

3) This is a major project for AT&T to bring faster internet to residents. It’s planned by them to follow up with repairs to any damaged greenspace areas on both HOA and residential areas. We’re looking at potentially having to deal with this for at least a month and that is dependent on favorable weather conditions. That being said, if you have damaged areas by AT&T or see it in open areas, please report it!

Again, if you have been affected by this, please report it as listed above. This is the only way both the City of Pearland and HOA board can gauge how many have been affected.

As an aside, Facebook and Nextdoor are not an effective means of communicating with your HOA board or management company. Not everyone on the board uses Facebook/Nextdoor and it isn’t always monitored. If you have a concern, please email us at You can also reach Signature Management at Their phone number is 713-338-3436.

Thank you,
Jibbie John (on behalf of Alina, Doug, Leslie and Sonny)