Dear Residents of LOHG,

We hope all of you are enjoying the beginning of summer. And we also hope that many of you are taking advantage of Mildew Amnesty Month to remove any mildew from your home.

As we approach July, the Board would like to continue to present these open letters to you as a means of fostering communication within the LOHG community. In that regard, we are happy to declare in this open letter that July is “‘Be a Good Neighbor’ Parking Awareness Month.” You might ask “Why do we need a parking awareness month?” or “What does being a good neighbor have to do with parking?”

We are glad you asked. Of all the issues that our community has confronted over the years, parking on the street has consistently been one of the most contentious. There have been more neighbor complaints about street parking than any other matter. And there are many reasons for this. We are sure that all of you have had to weave around parked cars, which is even more difficult when cars are parked on both sides of the street. And pulling out of your driveway can be a real challenge when there are cars parked on the street. There is also the safety issue. It is much harder to see kids as they are about to dart across the street when there are parked cars blocking the view. And finally, there is simply the aesthetic nature of the matter. The neighborhood simply looks better and cleaner if there are not a lot of cars parked along the street. We as a Board are confident that all of our residents would like to see our streets not being cluttered with parked cars if the matter was as simple as all that.

Unfortunately, things are never so simple. In some instances, it is simply impossible to avoid parking on the street. And we know that in most other instances it takes a very conscientious effort to avoid parking your car on the street. We are sure that each of you know all about having to shuffle cars around for one reason or another. And for many of us with a single car driveway, the shuffle seems even more difficult.

So, this is where being a good neighbor is so important. Each time you park in the driveway, even if parking on the street would have been much easier, you are indeed being “A Good Neighbor.” The Board thanks you for making that effort and believes that everyone in LOHG will benefit if we all try to do what we can to avoid parking on the street.

Have a great summer everyone.

Lakes of Highland Glen HOA Board

Scott Brown
Cuong Tran
Sonny Tran
Arwen Jackson
Jibbie John