The Board of directors meets on the first Wednesday of every month at St. Andrews Episcopal Church. Residents are encouraged to attend. The Regular Session begins at 7:00 PM. The Open Homeowner forum is the at the end of this Session. Meeting agendas are posted here. The Executive Session begins at 6:30. Time can be arranged at the beginning of the session for homeowners who wish to speak to the board by submitting a request to Requests to address the board should name the topic to be covered.

Update for August 2017-January 2018:

With the library being under construction, the Association will be holding their monthly Board meetings at St. Andrews Episcopal Church located at 2535 E Broadway, Pearland TX 77581 room 120 for the next six months.   The meetings will continue to be held on the first Wedndesday of the month.  If you park in the lot next to the dumpster you will enter the church through the first all glass door on the right.  After you enter the church Room 120 will be the first room on the left.  If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Signature Association Management at 713-338-3436.  We look forward to seeing you all every month!