One of Pearland's best neighborhoods, Lakes of Highland Glen, is a 550 acre master-planned community located in the city's east side. It has 835 lots spread out among open green areas and more than a dozen scenic lakes ranging in size from two acres to over twenty acres. The residents enjoy several amenities, including a swimming pool, kiddie pool, numerous neighborhood parks and playgrounds strategically located throughout the neighborhood. The layout of the neighborhoods is great for joggers and families out for a walk.

Pool Access Confirmation

The Pool Annual Confirmation form collection and access keycard issuance will be at the pool on:  
Sunday 26th March 2-4 pm
Spring Festival 9th April
Thursday 27th April 7-8 pm

New Card Form
Confirmation Form

The Wildflower Project

We are keeping our LOHG neighbors informed about what has and is going to be happening with the Wildflower Project.

On October 8th 2016 the crew shown below reseeded wildflowers on two of the lakes adjacent to Pearland Parkway on Hidden Glen. We chose a flower mixture of seeds that would not grow taller than 2 feet. We received funding for the seeds from LOHG HOA and from Keep Pearland Beautiful (KPB). 30 lbs. of sand was donated by Home Depot. At that time, on the advice of the horticulturist at the Wildseed Farm in Wimberly, the mowing crew was instructed to start the "no mow" schedule. These two lakes have noticeable growth on them now, which will allow the seeds to germinate and take hold. The other two lakes adjacent to the Parkway, per the horticulturist's instruction, were started on a "no mow" schedule on Nov.10th 2016. The signs, donated by KPB, were placed on all four lakes to inform the community about the project. At the present time we are praying for good weather for the wildflowers to grow. The regular mowing schedule will resume after the wildflowers have bloomed. We began this project the spring of 2013. This is the 3rd year we have seeded. Our plan for the spring of 2017 is to preserve the natural Texas wildflowers and bring them alive within our neighborhood for all to enjoy.

Thanks to LOHG HOA Board and KPB for supporting this project. Thanks also to the volunteers who helped seed on that very hot day and to all our neighbors for being patient and understanding. We are very proud to have been part of the KPB Beautification Award given to the LOHG community in 2016.

Subdivision Earns Beautification Award

The Lakes of Highland Glen has been awarded the 2016 Keep Pearland Beautiful Business Beautification Award because of the efforts put forward with the planting of screening projects instead of a wood or Brick fence on Forest Park at Gable Stone and on Sawyer Crossing. The Wildflower project played a big part in US winning the Award.  To be able to show the HOA has this kind of standing goes a long way with people looking for a home, and the City of Pearland Various departments.

Board Meeting Information

The Board of directors meets on the first Wednesday of every month at the Pearland Public Library located at 3522 Liberty Drive, Pearland TX 77581.  Residents are encouraged to attend. The Regular Session begins at 7:00 PM.  The Open Homeowner forum is the at the end of this Session.  An agenda is posted here.  The Executive Session begins at 6:30. Time can be arranged at the beginning of the session for homeowners wanting to speak to the board by submitting a request to info@mymcinc.com which has what the topic covered will be.  

2016 Meeting and Event Dates

The Board established the following tentative 2016 meeting dates.  See the calendar here.