One of Pearland's best neighborhoods, Lakes of Highland Glen, is a 550 acre master-planned community located in the city's east side. It has 835 lots spread out among open green areas and more than a dozen scenic lakes ranging in size from two acres to over twenty acres. The residents enjoy several amenities, including a swimming pool, kiddie pool, numerous neighborhood parks and playgrounds strategically located throughout the neighborhood. The layout of the neighborhoods is great for joggers and families out for a walk.

June is Mildew Amnesty Month

Open Letter from the Board

Dear Residents of LOHG,
We are pleased to announce that “June is Mildew Amnesty Month.”  You might be wondering what we are talking about.  Well, the Board understands that after a wet Winter and soggy Spring it is to be expected that mildew might grow on the beautiful homes we all have in the Lakes of Highland Glen.  And many of us, including Board members, have gotten the dreaded letter from the HOA management company telling us that we had just a couple of weeks to remove the mildew from our home.  You might be surprised just how many homes do have mildew and have received such letters.  But we can tell you that it is a lot, and we want to help you deal with the situation.  That is why we have declared June as Mildew Amnesty Month.  We want this month to be the one where each of us works to remove the mildew without having to worry about the HOA letter hanging over our heads.  Thus, we are resetting the clock and any of you with existing mildew letters do not need to worry about them.  They are all now hereby declared as null and void.

So what do we do now?  Hopefully, everyone will use this opportunity to inspect their home, regardless of whether they have received a letter or not, and take steps to remove any mildew they may find.

But how do we remove the mildew, especially when it is out of reach?  The Board cannot expressly endorse any specific products or service providers, but we can certainly share with you recommendations from your neighbors.  For example, homeowners have recommended the following service providers as doing excellent work in removing mildew:
Imperial Pressure Washing, (281) 827-1285
Uplift Outdoors, (832) 928-9595

In addition, there is the do-it-yourself approach involving simply spraying on and washing off a solution.  A number of neighbors recommended the following products:
Home Armor E-Z House Wash (link)
Wet and Forget (link)
JOMAX (link)

Please feel free to share with your neighbors or on social media other recommendations.  We understand from many homeowners that these recommendations, whether having someone do the work, or doing it yourself, have been very effective.  The mildew will not be gone forever, but you will have a very mildew-free home for a good long while.

We hope that all of you, particularly those who have gotten mildew letters in the past, will use the month of June as the time to remove any mildew from your home.  

And finally this brings us to the unpleasant topic of the HOA letters in the first place.  We would like everyone to know that the Board’s goal is to not send any letters to homeowners.  The entire process takes time and resources that could be much better spent improving our neighborhood.  But please understand that we all benefit from having a neighborhood that is well-kept.  Many of us decided to specifically live in Lakes of Highland Glen because it is a well-maintained community that is protected by a set of deed restrictions designed to meet high standards.  But to maintain those high standards, the HOA management company needs to occasionally send out letters to homeowners about certain items.  We hope that the homeowners receiving such letters accept them in the spirit intended, namely as a helpful reminder that a certain item needed to be corrected.  However, we also understand that the HOA management company may send out a letter that is not warranted under the particular circumstances.  In those instances, please contact the management company and explain the situation.  And if that does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, please feel free to contact any of us on the Board.  We will do all we can to be fair and reasonable.

Have a great summer everyone.
Lakes of Highland Glen HOA Board
Scott Brown
Cuong Tran
Sonny Tran
Arwen Jackson
Jibbie John

2017 Pool Schedule

Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day) - 10 am - 8 pm
Monday, July 4th - (Independence Day) 10 am - 8 pm
Schedule starting June 2, 2017 and continuing through Labor Day weekend
Monday - Closed for cleaning
Tuesday through Sunday - 10 am - 8 pm
Wednesday and Friday in July and August - 8 am - 8 pm

Monday, September 4th (Labor Day) - 10 am - 8 pm

Pool Access Forms

If you are a resident who would like to use the community pool, please complete and hand-sign one of the forms below.  Send the completed form to Signature Management Company (713-338-3436)

Event Schedule for 2017

A tentative schedule of events in 2017 is given below.

March 31, April 1-2 Spring Garage Sale
April 5, 2017  @ 6:30 pm HOA Meeting
April 9, 2017 @ 2-3:30 pm Sunday - LOHG Spring Festival 
May 3, 2017  @ 6:30 pm HOA Meeting
June 7, 2017  @ 6:30 pm HOA Meeting
July 5, 2017  @ 6:30 pm HOA Meeting  
August 2, 2017  @ 6:30 pm HOA Meeting
September 6, 2017  @ 6:30 pm HOA Meeting
October 4, 2017  @ 6:30 pm HOA Meeting
Oct 5-7, 2017 Neighborhood Garage Sale
October 22, 2017  @ 2:00 pm Sunday - Fall Festival (t)  
November 1, 2017  @ 6:30 pm HOA Meeting
December 6, 2017  @ 6:30 pm HOA Meeting

Board Meeting Information

The Board of directors meets on the first Wednesday of every month at the Pearland Public Library located at 3522 Liberty Drive, Pearland TX 77581.  Residents are encouraged to attend. The Regular Session begins at 7:00 PM.  The Open Homeowner forum is the at the end of this Session.  An agenda is posted here.  The Executive Session begins at 6:30. Time can be arranged at the beginning of the session for homeowners wanting to speak to the board by submitting a request to info@mymcinc.com which has what the topic covered will be.